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futures market report

MBIOI-62%    85.70      API2: 48.15      Crude: 59.12     Rotterdam 380:  311.25      Singapore 380:  324.50

In short...


An interesting day for a change on the Capes, as the curve saw some re-aligning, as the Mar v Apr spread narrowed in, March holding well at $5,700 (flat on the day) and Apr getting sold down to $8,300 (-550); Q2 was sold down a tick to $11,250 before finding support, whilst the quarters took a hit printing down to $16,650 (-500) and $17,750 (-550) on Q3 and Q4 respectively. However, unless we can see an improvement in levels on the physical in the coming days, further pressure on the front of the curve is likely to become inevitable.


Atlantic futures minus          Front Haul futures minus          Pacific futures minus


The curve traded in a pretty tight range for most of the day with March trading in volume at $7,700; April at $9,750; Q2 between $10,250 / $10,350 and the Q3 around the $11,000 mark. The deferred contracts remain stable but pretty much unchanged.


Atlantic futures minus          Front Haul futures minus          Pacific futures minus

Supramax / Handy

The front part of the Smx curve ticked up today as the physical routes are accelerating their gains. The Mar traded first at $7500 and after the index +180 traded up to $7750 by day's end. Q2 traded in a tighter range from $9550 and up to $9650 (+$120).

Atlantic futures minus          Front Haul futures minus          Pacific futures minus

The content of this document is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as trade recommendation, nor solicitation to trade.