Antique Ship Care & Marine Stores

Antique Ship Care & Marine Stores

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Antique Ship Care & Marine Stores
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Ship Spare Parts
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Dear Madam/Sir. Good day,
Request For Ship Stores, Provisions Supply and Repair Service.
Our company provides "ONE-STOP" service for supply of ship stores, marine equipment, catering stores and ship repair at all of Bangladesh ports.

We provide our services to all oceans going vessel and able to supply a great variety of ship stores which cover all categories of IMPA / ISSA Code.
Our main principles are to be serving our clients vessel with best quality products, exact quantity, competitive prices and acceptable credit facility.

Please send your RFQs to us if anything needed from Bangladesh, It would be our great opportunity to serve your marine requirements.

Our Services offer for CHITTAGONG, MONGLA and PAYRA port.
• Stores – Deck, Engine, Stationery, Medicine, Technical Equipment.
• Stores – Provisions, Galley, Cabin and Bonded stores.
• M/E and aux engine, turbocharger, oil purifier, motors, pumps, deck crane spare parts.
• Bunker, lube oil, paint, chemical and fresh water.
• Navigation / bridge equipment sales, installation and repair.
• BA charts NTM and publications sales.
• PCB card for Main engine, Crane and GPS navigation.
• Mooring rope, crane wire, anchor and anchor chain and container lashing equipments.
• Oxygen, acetylene, Freon, nitrogen gas sales and refilling.
• LSA, FFE equipment sales and annual service with certificate.
• Collision Damage Repair and repair of engine machinery, deck crane and anchor equipment.
• Chipping & painting, Crane technician, hatch cleaning, u/w diver for hull cleaning & inspection.
• Sludge oil, Galley garbage and Dunnage removal
• Shipping Agency Services

Also herewith requesting you to include us in your SUPPLIERS or VENDORS LIST for future inquiries and competitive quotation.
Hope to hearing from you
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