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Ship Owners / Managers
Ship Managing, Ship Owning
LALSHIP, established in 1996, is the wholly owned subsidiary and shipping division of LAL HOLDINGS & INVESTMENTS LTD. It has more than 2 decades of expertise in various aspects of shipping including Ship Owning, Ship Chartering, Ship Management and Ship Sale & Purchase.

LALSHIP is one of the few companies in the world involved in physical Sale & Purchase of ocean going and offshore vessels and various marine assets whether it is resale of new building vessels or second hand vessels for further trading.

On the ship chartering side, LALSHIP has chartered various types and sizes of vessels including tankers up to Aframax size. Currently, apart from Ship Chartering, LALSHIP is also provides Commercial Management & Post Fixture Operation Management to its own and 3rd party vessels.

Presently LALSHIP is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with operation offices in Dubai, UAE and Lagos, Nigeria and presence in Singapore, Hong Kong and Ghana.

It is also in the pursuit of establishing its offices in various West African countries, Europe and Australia.
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