Contacts / Lists

When entering the Contacts / Lists you see the following interface:

circular 1st

At first you see that there are no lists created so it is empty. Here you see 3 columns.

  1. Name (The name that you give to the list when creating it)
  2. Description (The description that you write when creating the list, so that you can easily remember what type of contacts are contained)
  3. Entries (the number of companies contained in this list)

Let us now create our first list by clicking on Create new contact list. We will be transfered to a new page with the following interface:

circular 2nd 

As you can see, here we have Name and Description fields (explained before and 2 other fields one next to the other.

The left field is the list of companies that are contained in the list we are creating. The right list is the list of companies registered with iShipNet. To include a company from the right list in our contact list we have to select it and click onthe << button that exists between the two fields. We can move many companies from the right side list to the left, by ciicking on the companies of the right list while we have our keyboard CTRL pressed while we select companies and transfer them to the lrft field with a single click of the << button.

After we are done with the companies that we want to include to our list, we can click on "Save" button and our list is saved.

Ssnding messages to contact lists

First we have to go to the Compose page of Messaging System where we see the following. From the Contacts / Lists selector that contains all the lists we have created, we select a list. By clicking on the list we see that it is entered in the TO: field. We can select another list if we want by repeating the list selection or add companies from the Companies list adn add them too.

The we write our message, attach files (up to 3) if we want and click on the Send button

pm to list