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International Shipping Network (iShipNet)  is a GLOBAL UNIFIED MARITIME ECOSYSTEM where Professionals from ALL OVER the WORLD can "Share" their business inquiries (Chartering, S&P, Spare Parts, Chandling etc) to a continously growing number of companies related to Shipping and get replies, in a very short time, from companies that will view the inquiry and are able to meet the demand.

iShipNet platform has been designed to look like a social media platform. If you have a basic experience on Facebook functions, then you are already familiar with iShipNet.

iShipnet platformamong the other offered benefits, has been designed to solve 3 huge problems that Maritime related companies deal with:

  1. Difficult and costly approximation between parties.
  2. Absence of Specialized modern tools that allow better and cost-effective communication.
  3. A large number of intermediates, that lead to high level commissions.

All the companies registered with iShipNet are evaluated before the account is created. Access to the system is given after the evaluation of the Company info provided.

If we are not able to certify your company activities, you will be asked to provide your company profile or background.

So... you can be sure that

  1. The registered with iShipnet platform companies exist!
  2. The registered with iShipnet platform companies, are those who they claim to be!

Registration is simple and fast!

Before you start your company's registration procedure, be sure you have your company LOGO (image file) available.

Then you click on Log-in menu at the top right and you follow the registration procedure. Your account details and uploaded documents will be evaluated and you you will be notified by mail when your company is active on iShipNet platform.

iShipNet categorizes the companies registered, to the on-line platform, according to each company's field of activities. Each company that registers to iShipNet, is required to upload it's company background, so that we can evaluate the new registration. If the company background uploaded, does not correspond to the company's profile type, the registration is rejected.

For example... if you are a Shipyard... you can not register with a Shipowner/Manager account type!

Please check bellow to get an idea about the advantages of the platform's use, for each of the available profile types:

The tool that covers every need for communication or creation of new business relationships with companies that are related to the shipping industry.

A Shipowners/Managers account can be considered as a MASTER account type, with full privileges that allow full control and inspection over the company's activities, not only for the MASTER Shipowners/Managers account, but also for all the sub-accounts that can be created (on demand) for the company's departments.

From now on... you will never miss anything!!!

As a ship built / repair / demo yard owner you are proud for your services, advanced machinery and innovative designs or best demo services. Have you ever thought of a "tool" that will allow the Maritime companies find you? We do not mean "search for you"!

The point is to HAVE YOUR COMPANY RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM when the idea crosses their mind! Have you ever thought of making your field, part of "International Shipping Network"?

Your company needs to be known. Through iShipNet, you are there when they need you and they can contact you! Or let them get informed about your company through the advanced iShipNet's real time communication services.

How many times did you face the situation of reading a report about a vessel or yacht sale, without knowing that it was available for sale? Or how many times did you deal with the situation of informing colleagues or owners that you have the right vessel or yacht for them, and it is available for sale?

Now with iShipNet don’t miss any action that is taking place. Get the Maritime world on your desctop with just few clicks.

As the controllers of cargoes, charterers are directly responsible for keeping the world’s shipping fleet in business.

Liaise with Ship Brokers, or directly with ship owners through iShipNet to arrange the hire or charter of ships to get those cargoes to their clients by the most cost-effective and timely means. Be in touch with the market to find the most suitable and cost effective transport options.

You have spare parts or machinery equipment stocked at your warehouse for years, because people don't know that you have the spare part they may be looking for and they could not find it because they don’t know you?

With iShipNet, let people know your company, be informed of what they are looking for and sell your equipment to a wide Maritime market.

You offer the best services on your business field, at best values, but people don't know it! They do not know where to find you!

Now through the iShipNet platform, all Maritime community knows where you are, what you offer, without hard effort for your potential clients and high adverising expenses for your company, you get the the best possible results.

On the other hand, though the iShipNet platform, you get informed directly, when a Maritime company is looking for services that you provide. Even if they do not know you, you can reply to their quotation.

Semiannual billing cycle (6 months) is available at the moment. Your membership will be renewed at the beginning of each billing cycle. Billing due date information is available on your Account page.

We accept the following payment methods:

  1. On-line Credit or Debit card payment through PayPal
  2. Wire Transfer (direct transfer from your bank account to our bank account)
We can not describe in details what the benefits might be for your company. We are not able to know how the iShipNet platform will be used by you! We do not claim that the iShipNet platform is going to boost your company's activities from the first day that you start using it! But we are convinced that it can be a money making machine if you manage to join it, as a toolbox, to your company's daily operation.


let us try to describe the iShipNet's functions, so that you can have a full picture of the platform.
  • Business Communication that allows the development of human relationships
We have created our platform having in mind human relationships! For Maritime companies that target the global market, personal relations might become the way to success. The iShipNet platform offers all the new technology features, that you have probably met on huge social networks (Sharing - Real time discussing etc), that has been proved that can bring people closer, even if the distance between them is huge.
  • Real time enquieries
Each company has the ability to share an enquirement, targeted to specific business categories or specific companies, and this inquiry will imediately appear on their timeline. We have created forms for the following types of enquirements so far, such as...
  • Real time approximation
As mentioned before on Real time enquieries, the enquieries show right away on your timeline. Here is your chance to be a part of your global market! Use the communication options offered on iShipNet platform to reply, send your offer, ask for more details or whatever you want. You are the one to decide who will contact with. The days that you were waiting till someone reaches you have passed.
  •  Notifications
Even if you are not online when a new enquiry has been posted, do not worry! You will be notified by mail so that you will not miss it. The platform of iShipNet is here 24/7 for you!
  •  Master and Sub-Accounts
Ability of having Sub-Accounts under a main Master account for your company's departments. These Sub-Accounds are created on demand and work as normal accounts, with their own presence in iShipnet (different username and Pass) but... they are also accessible through the Master Company account that they belogn to.
  • Tools
Maritime Draft documents are always available online on the platform, as well as calculation forms like Voyage estimation - Dry cargo calculator and Amortization calculator.
  • Privacy

All the actions that can take place on iShipNet platform, are governed by your privacy selections. You are always able to choose who you share your documents, posts or files with, on a default for your account and on a "by post decision" basis. The "by post decision" privacy settings, temporarily (only for the certain post) bypass your default account's privacy settings.


  •  Storing space for each account
Right now the attachments that you post with your enquiries can only be uploaded by your computer. Soon you will have the option to store all documents or files that your company needs to have available, inside the directories that you create for your account. This way you will be able to have your documents available everywhere.