Real Scenario: Chartering

Q: How can iShipNet help me on chartering my vessel, on "best business terms", faster than competition? Especially when I am "dead spot" looking for cargo!

A: This is one of the most common problems in vessels chartering. It is practically impossible for a company controlling a ship, to be in contact with all charterers and traders worldwide, at any given time, on a daily basis.
Even if the company handling the ship has a list of contacts, including brokers contacts, it is still impossible to get best business deals when you need it where you need it.
This is where you need iShipNet!

Q: How will iShipNet help me deal with this?

A: Have you wished of a way of making your enquiry visible to thousands of companies, that are involved with vessels chartering, in real time, even if you have never heard of them before, or if you do not have any contact info?
This is what iShipNet does.
It gets you linked with professionals ON-LINE.
In contradiction to the traditional way of fixing a vessel, iShipNet allows you to achieve this in a few minutes.

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