Real Scenario: Spare Parts

Q: I have a Spare Parts Supply Company and I have a large amount of clientèle. How can iShipNet help my Company grow more and become more effective?

A: No matter how large clientèle you may have, iShipNet still remains the tool you must have to increase both your clientèle and sales.
  1. How many spare parts are stocked in your warehouse?
  2. How long do these spare parts remain unsold?

Whatever the reason for this… (spare parts that are not used frequently, or because you never received an inquiry), there might be a ship operator out there searching for months! Just because he can't reach you.

Even if your company is in the ship operator's contacts, you have to think...

  • "what is the position of my company in his contact list?"
  • "why should a ship operator spend time and money on emails or phone calls, looking for my company?".

There must be a better connection between you and the ship operator!

Let's take a look at iShipNet's solution to this issue with an example.

Someone makes a requirement post about a Spare Part that you may have available.
It is much more simple for this company to make a single post, than contacting each spare parts provider separately by phone or by mail.

Once the request is posted (shared), you see the post and you can reply immediately that the required spare part is available.
The potential client receives your reply in real time, on his iShipNet account.

The connection between you and your potential client is done!

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