Real Scenario: Ship Brokers

Q: We are a shipbroking house. How will iShipNet help us? Can  iShipNet cause damage to the service industry?

A: Let's clear few things up. iShipNet by no means, help a business category involved in shipping industry more, over others.
Our original thought for our platform was that all professionals involved in maritime business can get the upmost to facilitate their business and make their job  faster and easier.

A shipbroking house not only won't lose from iShipNet, but by using it on a right way it will get the maximum out of it.

It is well known fact that a shipbrokers largest problem is the direct communication with potential clients due to many reasons. Many times a shipbroker can have on his hands an excellent deal, with very good terms, but is unable to market it worldwide because of the above problem.

iShipNet is coming to give a fine solution to such marketing and communication problems, by giving the chance to all members to post their inquiries or offers to the shipping community, even if there are no direct contacts between each other.

Above all, the biggest advantage is that, not only you have the chance to "market your business" to everyone, but you can be sure that your business will be seen by all companies interested.

Even if you have a really good deal at your hands, iShipNet is your best chance to get approached from companies you never had the chance to approach -or you couldn't find a way to contact them.

To sum up, registering to iShipNet, a shipbroking company will gain benefits and a revolutionary tool for use!

No loss or damage of any kind!

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