Real Scenario: All jobs are covered already

Q: Why do I need iShipNet when I have specific companies that I deal with? All jobs are covered by them. I do not want to change them!

A: It does not matter who you deal with, how often, or if you want to find other companies or new colleagues.

You still need iShipNet in order to keep closer, more effective and faster communication with your collaborating companies, or colleagues.

For example,
you can create private groups for each of your company's business fields and add partners and colleagues to them.
This will enable you to achieve faster and more effective communication between parties.

We can assure you from our experience, that even if you are 100% covered and satisfied from the companies you work with, issues or problems will always arise and most of the times, they need "immediate assistance".

It's not you or your partners, that's how our industry works!

New Techniques or regulations arise frequently and you may need fast and valid feedback on every field.
Your associates might not be yet familiar on EVERYTHING.

Please ask yourself the following question...

Are you confident that, the services you get, are really what the market can offer?

A world is open in front of you and iShipNet helps you decide what’s the best for your company, in addition to your standard co-operating companies and standard colleagues.

Let them both work to your advantage!

iShipNet and your team TOGETHER!

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