Real Scenario: Build / Repair Yards

Q: Why does iShipnet include build and repair Yards even though most of them are already established and well known to the shipping community?

A: Ship and Yacht Yards are important to iShipNet, and to maritime industry. Being established and well known in the market drives us all for faster, more secure and effective services.

Fast reaction and the best communication links with clients is necessary when handling a wide range of services, from booking a yard for scheduled surveys, dry dock or repairs... to accidents and collissions which frequently happen.

Faster communication provides a strong tool to ship or yacht building yards , that even though may have similar designs, they can use iShipNet to let the market know of the minor or major differences, of their design.

Build and repair Yards have the same needs as other maritime activity fields, in response time and competitiveness.

Effective links and attention to detail, will increase your clientele and your sales not the other way around.

iShipNet platform provides secure and faster results in a most effective way.

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