Real Scenario: Demolition Yards

deno yards real senario image


Q: The demolition market stands on its own, even if Shipping industry is a client to demolition yards. How can iShipNet really help demolition yards?

A: Demolition market has it's own way of operating and handling things, but lets be frank – shipping industry is a necessary link. Demo Yards buy ships, returning them back as parts after demolition.

Demolition market is the intermediary operating tool between two business categories. The one that controls and operates the ship, and the other, the spare parts company, that is buying machinery and equipment from demolished units.

Therefore, what applies for all shipping related business categories, applies to demolition. More so, improvement of communication and extroversion that is significant for other shipping industry companies, is immediate for demolition industry.

Why is that?

Because it is a strong tool to announce and propose available products to the spare parts market worldwide.

iShipNet can contribute to business expansion, better communication, and services/products promotion.

Demolition market stands on its own!

But has the same needs as any other industry!

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