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Q: How can ishipnet offer further help to ship owners or managers, when there are the co-operating close to them companies who services them?

A: The ship is the motor lever of the maritime industry, therefore a ship owning or management company is the one who drives the horses. As a good manager, you may collaborate with the right companies and associates, who may give you tip top services, but these services might not be the best. Furthermore, as you know better than anyone, there are hundreds of issues and actions, that can be handled only by you.

i.e. you may suffer a smaller or bigger damage on your ship and a specific rare replacement part is needed. For this part you should contact your co-operating spare parts companies one by one, to ask them if they have it or not. In case you do not manage to find it, you will have to expand your search to the world market.

At this stage is where the headache with long lasting search begins, many times having ship "idle", costing you money every day. Did this remind you any uncomfortable situation from the past?

By using iShipNet, you have the ability to give an end in such problems. With a single post of your enquiry or offer, the whole world will be instantly updated about your needs. Those who are able to cover enquiry, may contact you immediately to offer their services or products.

Of course, ship operators may face a lot more problems like the above. Imagine how many other problems might be solved, using the new iShipNet way of working.

As recapitulation, through iShipNet...

You may:

  • Have faster and direct contact with Companies & professionals in shipping
  • Can get the upmost from your communications
  • Have Instant information from other members, regarding the market, practices and other issues
  • Can get and sent offers or enquiries for any of the available business field
  • Have the most effective working experience
  • Have the chance to receive the best services from companies you didn't even know existed.

You can:

  • Create Business groups for fast access with your collaborators
  • Create Pages for your company, introducing yourself and your business
  • Organize your meetings and events
  • Make your business posts, send/receive PM and IM
  • Calculate your voyages and your amortizations
  • Get draft documents ready for editing for your deals
  • Have your daily needed documents uploaded in your account

You Control:

  • Chartering
  • S&P
  • Insurance
  • Spare parts
  • Ships Chandling
  • Agency
  • Ports
  • P&I Clubs
  • Survey
  • Repairs
  • Supplies
  • Operations

Finally, with ishipnet online platform, you can have an overview of your company.

Future imposes iShipNet...

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