International Shipping Network (iShipNet) is a GLOBAL UNIFIED MARITIME ECOSYSTEM where Professionals from ALL OVER the WORLD can communicate their business enquiries and offers (Chartering, S&P, Spare Parts, Chandling etc) to a continuously growing number of companies, related to Shipping and get replies, in a very short time, from companies that will view the enquiry and are able to meet the demand, reducing the long lasting and costly daily searching for services or products.

The aim of this network is to offer the simplification of processes required in maritime related professions, through a wide range of built in tools, that were created according to maritime profession categories.


Furthermore iShipNet offers the environment, that allows Shipping related companies to know about the existence and create business connections with potential clients and providers that was not easy to be accomplished otherwise. Of course all Shipping related companies have their own clientele and their network of providers. The Shipping Industry was not created yesterday! The platform though, remains a very useful tool. No matter what the clientele's size is or what contracts may exist with providers, the question remains...

"Can it be done better, faster and cheaper?”

Simplifying the process of approaching new markets, communicating directly with the potential customers or suppliers and integration of the global shipping market is no longer a scenario of science fiction.

It is iShipNet.



Each company has the ability to post an inquiry, targeted to specific business categories, and this inquiry will immediately appear on their timeline (always with respect to the privacy settings you have set for this post). SHIP SALE - PURCHASE INQUIRY - CHART VESSEL - CARGO OFFER - SPARE PARTS INQUIRY - SPARE PARTS OFFER are just some of the daily jobs that can be simplified through iShpNet.


As mentioned before on Real time inquiries, your posts show right away on your timeline. Here is your chance to be a part of the global market! Use the communication options offered on iShipNet platform to reply, send your offer, ask for more details or whatever you want. You are the one to decide who you will contact with. The days that you were waiting till someone reaches you, have passed.


Even if you are not online when a new inquiry or offer is posted, do not worry! You will be notified by mail so that you will not miss it. The platform of iShipNet is here 24/7 for you!

4. MASTER AND SUB-ACCOUNTS (Shipowning Companies only)

Ability of having Sub-Accounts under a main Master account for your company's departments. These Sub-Accounts are created on demand and work as normal accounts, with their own presence in iShipNet (but different username and Pass).


Option to store all documents or files that your company needs to have available, inside the private directories that you create. This way you will be able to have your documents available everywhere.


iShipNet started based on an inovational idea and developed with the latest programmatical languages and techniques. As a new tool, iShipNet might not be on the first priorities for companies that have learned to work with a certain way, but it can definitely become the MUST HAVE tool for all Companies related to Shipping.

What is proven is that... "the more you use iShipNet, the more you may earn from Shipping Industry". Time has come for digitalization!