NOTICE: This is the page where you can find answers to the most common questions regarding iShipNet in general. More answers to specific questions about the platforms feautures are available to registered users and require you to login to view them.


Are my info protected and safe?


Before we move on to tech details about data safety when using we inform that the platform uses RSA 2048 bits (SHA256withRSA) TLS/SSL certificate. All data transfered through iShipNet, are encoded before they leave the server and decrypted on the browser of the user that sees the data. You can feel safe!

Now that we have informed users with no special knowledge on TLS/SSL safety encryption, we can see the tech details.

Data transfer safety:

Certificate #1: RSA 2048 bits (SHA256withRSA)
Server Key and Certificate: #1
Key: RSA 2048 bits (e 65537)
Weak key: (Debian) No
Issuer: cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority
Signature algorithm: SHA256withRSA
Extended Validation: No
Certificate Transparency: Yes (certificate)
OCSP Must Staple: No
Revocation information: CRL, OCSP
Revocation status: Good (not revoked)
Trusted: Yes


Additional Certificates

Certificates provided: 3 (4518 bytes)
Chain issues: None

Certificate #2
Subject: cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority
Key: RSA 2048 bits (e 65537)
Issuer: COMODO RSA Certification Authority
Signature algorithm: SHA384withRSA

Certificate #3
Subject COMODO RSA Certification Authority
Key RSA 4096 bits (e 65537)
Issuer AddTrust External CA Root
Signature algorithm SHA384withRSA

During the registration procedure the details you provide are those that do not need to be governed by any privacy settings as they are your public info. These info are usually the same that you have on your company brochures. Each field has the corresponding signs that informs you if  this field is visible or not on your profile.


field required Means that this field is required

field not visible Means that this field is not visible on your Account

field visible Means that this field is visible on your Account

field info Means that there are information regarding this field and you cam view these info by moving your cursor over the sign

The only field that is not public is your company e-mail. The e-mail field is by default NOT VISIBLE on your profile for other users or guests and this can not be changed.

The fields to be filled during registration are:

  1. Company Name field required field visible
  2. Type of Company field required field visible
  3. Email field required field not visible
  4. Password field required field not visible
  5. Verify Password field required field not visible
  6. Country field required field visible
  7. State field required field visible
  8. City field required field visible
  9. Company address field required field visible
  10. Website address field required field not visible
  11. Short Company Descriptionfield required field visible 
  12. Terms and Conditions field required field not visible (Have to be accepted to register)

All the above are information about your company that can be found easily by anyone so the do not have to be governed by any privacy settings. There are functions though that privacy is required, like when posting an enquiry on the timeline and it has to be visible to a certain business group, but this is explained in details on the corresponding FAQs answers.


We could say that iShipNet is the answer to issues caused by GDPR or any other regulations that may exist.

iShipNet is a business platform that allows inline business to business communication. Each company that registers with iShipNet is doing it for business purposes and assents to be contacted by other companies and receive system notifications by mail.

There is no reason for companies to be part of the iShipNet project if they do not want to communicate with other firms!