NOTICE: This is the page where you can find answers to the most common questions regarding iShipNet in general. More answers to specific questions about the platforms feautures are available to registered users and require you to login to view them.


Doing Business through iShipNet Platform

Through iShipNet platform you can do whatever you were doing by phone, by mail, by TELEX etc but... all in one place, with much less effort, faster and most of all... having the opportunity to approach or be approached by companies that you never worked with before and you could not know them!

  • You can find companies that you can cooperate with just by posting an enquiry. Till now you had to make several phone calls and send many e-mails to do your job, and in most cases you could not know if the job was done in best terms because you simply could not know if there are better terms in the global market.
  • You can directly contact with companies to offer or request services, being sure that your offer or enquiry will reach the right persons directly.
  • You can create as many closed user groups as you want and invite only your collaborators, colleagues, or even use it as intranet, so that all group members inform and get informed right away with a single post.
  • You can create business posts aimed to specific business activity companies More info provided in FAQs topic with tithe "How can i post an enquiry or offer?".
  • You can message other companies through iShipNet's inline messaging system, without worrying if your message will finally reach them as it happens with e-mails that usually messages end up in spam folders, blocked because of server settings etc.
  • You can create as many as you want of your own circular lists, based on your company's needs and activities. (Eplained in details in FAQs as a seperate question).
  • You can promote your business, show your offers, create announcents and articles etc, that are widely blasted through global search engines to an endless number of internet users, even in countries that some networks are not allowed.
  •  You can have all your daily business files and documents, even when you are on the go, by having them stored in your account. From there you can have them available anytime you want.
  • You can downdload from a wide list of most important draft documents, ready to edit and use it for vessel's daily operation needs.
  • You can be updated about market trends through iShipNet' market reports section.


Enquiries and offers are submitted on iShipNet timeline. Depending on your company's type, you are allowed to make certain posts.

For example...

Companies that are registered as Shipbrokers make posts and define Type of Job (Position, Chartering, S&P etc) and Type of Ship (SD, BC, G-Cargo etc).

Companies that are registered as Agents can define as Type of Job only "Agent's Enquiry" or "Agent's offer".

Companies that are registered as Shipowners can make posts for any Type of Job and any Type of Ship if required.

This way you give the ability to filter Timeline posts according to Type of Job and Type of Ship.


let's see how to post an enquiry that will show on iShipNet. We have logged in and we are viewing the timeline (can be accesed by Timeline menu after we have logged in).

Unless there is a restriction for our company, we are able to see the following form.

create post 01 

broker job options

According to the type of company that your account has been created, you see different options in "Select the type of job" and "Select the type of ship" dropdown selectors. Here, as an example, we are using a Shipbroker's account.

First of all we have to select the type of job. Brokers have the options that show on the screenshot to the right.

Let us suppose (for our example) that the job type that we want to post is a Dry Vessel's Position. We click on the type of job and we are done with Type of job selection.


broker ship optionsAfter we select the Dry Vessel's Position type of job, we can select the Type of Ship.

According to the type of job that we select, the type of ship options defer. Other type of ships show for dry jobs and other for wet.

For our example selection Dry Vessel's Position the available type of ship options are as they show on the screenshot to the left.

We select Bulk Carrier and we are ready to write the details for our job.

Our text goes right bellow the drop down selections.


default post privacyThen we have to set who will be able to view our business post. The default privacy setting for posts is Private (Only Me) that means that this post will be visible only to the user that created the post. This helps us avoid making a post visible to eyes that must not see it, by mistake.

The options that we have here are:

  1. Private (Only Me) Means that the post will be visible to no one else.
  2. Connections The post will be visible to my company's connections and they are divided to 3 categories: 1) My Colleagues - 2) My Collaborators - 3) Intranet. (Connections are explained in details in a seperate FAQs topic).
  3. Business Categories The post will be visible to all the companies that belong to the category or categories that we will select. So if we select Demo Yards / Traders GROUP then our post will be visible only to companies that have registered as Demo Yards / Traders. If we select Demo Yards / Traders GROUP and Ship Spare Parts / Machinery Companies GROUP then the post will be visible only to these 2 categories.


After we have finished with the privacy selections of our post, we can click on the Post button and we have finished posting.


In case we need to have more privacy for some jobs, we van use the Messaging system of iShipNet and contact directly with specific company or companies. (iShipNet Messaging system is explained in details on a seperate FAQs topic)


iShipNet Messenger is another very usefull tool that allows you to have direct communication with other companies, iShipnet messenger can be accessed from several places on the platform.

1. Contacting a company when viewing company's account

pm from account

2. Replying to a company's job post

 pm from timeline

 Both links lead you to iShipnet's Messaging System page to compose and send your message. (iShipnet's Messaging System and it's functions is explained in details on a seperate FAQs topic)

Each post has it's own reply option embedded in.

 pm from timeline

By clicking on Reply, a new window opens. What you have to do is to type your message.

The new window that opens, already contains...

  • The post's information
  • The receiver (Company that created the post)

This way the receiver knows on what post you are referring to.

Contacts / Lists

When entering the Contacts / Lists you see the following interface:

circular 1st

At first you see that there are no lists created so it is empty. Here you see 3 columns.

  1. Name (The name that you give to the list when creating it)
  2. Description (The description that you write when creating the list, so that you can easily remember what type of contacts are contained)
  3. Entries (the number of companies contained in this list)

Let us now create our first list by clicking on Create new contact list. We will be transfered to a new page with the following interface:

circular 2nd 

As you can see, here we have Name and Description fields (explained before and 2 other fields one next to the other.

The left field is the list of companies that are contained in the list we are creating. The right list is the list of companies registered with iShipNet. To include a company from the right list in our contact list we have to select it and click onthe << button that exists between the two fields. We can move many companies from the right side list to the left, by ciicking on the companies of the right list while we have our keyboard CTRL pressed while we select companies and transfer them to the lrft field with a single click of the << button.

After we are done with the companies that we want to include to our list, we can click on "Save" button and our list is saved.

Ssnding messages to contact lists

First we have to go to the Compose page of Messaging System where we see the following. From the Contacts / Lists selector that contains all the lists we have created, we select a list. By clicking on the list we see that it is entered in the TO: field. We can select another list if we want by repeating the list selection or add companies from the Companies list adn add them too.

The we write our message, attach files (up to 3) if we want and click on the Send button

pm to list