NOTICE: This is the page where you can find answers to the most common questions regarding iShipNet in general. More answers to specific questions about the platforms feautures are available to registered users and require you to login to view them.


Through iShipNet platform you can do whatever you were doing by phone, by mail, by TELEX etc but... all in one place, with much less effort, faster and most of all... having the opportunity to approach or be approached by companies that you never worked with before and you could not know them!

  • You can find companies that you can cooperate with just by posting an enquiry. Till now you had to make several phone calls and send many e-mails to do your job, and in most cases you could not know if the job was done in best terms because you simply could not know if there are better terms in the global market.
  • You can directly contact with companies to offer or request services, being sure that your offer or enquiry will reach the right persons directly.
  • You can create as many closed user groups as you want and invite only your collaborators, colleagues, or even use it as intranet, so that all group members inform and get informed right away with a single post.
  • You can create business posts aimed to specific business activity companies More info provided in FAQs topic with tithe "How can i post an enquiry or offer?".
  • You can message other companies through iShipNet's inline messaging system, without worrying if your message will finally reach them as it happens with e-mails that usually messages end up in spam folders, blocked because of server settings etc.
  • You can create as many as you want of your own circular lists, based on your company's needs and activities. (Eplained in details in FAQs as a seperate question).
  • You can promote your business, show your offers, create announcents and articles etc, that are widely blasted through global search engines to an endless number of internet users, even in countries that some networks are not allowed.
  •  You can have all your daily business files and documents, even when you are on the go, by having them stored in your account. From there you can have them available anytime you want.
  • You can downdload from a wide list of most important draft documents, ready to edit and use it for vessel's daily operation needs.
  • You can be updated about market trends through iShipNet' market reports section.