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Anouncements is a great function that allows you to present, whenever you wish to, everything about your company. More or less it is like your company's News Page.

The greatest advantage of "Announcements" is that what you post here is indexed by search engines as your announcements are public and this is a great asset for your company's recognition. So if you have published 10 announcements in your account, then search engines will index your account 10 times, one time for each announcement.

Creating an Announcement

view your account menuAnnouncements can be created when viewing your account. You can go there by clicking on View Your Account Menu item, under "Your Account".

You will be transfered to your account's page where you click on Make Announcement TAB and you see the following interface:

announcements page 1

The first time you visit your announcements tab you see the above message. Click on Create New button. You will be transfered to a new page with the following interface:

announcements page 2

Published: Select if the Announcement will be published or not. This is usefull when you have not yet finished your Announcement and you want to save it and edit later.

Title: Write a title for your Announcement.

Post: The main body of your Announcement.

This is how your announcement going to look like on your account for visitors.

announcements page 3

The full text of the Announcement shows when The title is clicked.