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Directory is another very useful function that iShipNet members can use. It is your private space where you can store all the files you need for your daily business. You can store Tech Specs about your company's products, Plan views, product info, draft files etc, that you might need when you are "on the go".
For example…
You are a Shipowning Company. You can create a separate folder for each of your Vessels and store in this folder all files and images about this Vessel. This way you can have these files available, whenever you need them, from everywhere (office, home, trip etc). You need just connection to the internet.
Let's see how it works!

Supposing that you are logged-in to iShipNet, you click on View Your Account, under Your Account menu.
view your account menu

You will be transferred to your account page.

IMPORTANT: As the account owner you have different options from other users that view your account. Other users view what you allow them to view!
Locate the Directory TAB. This is your storing space. By clicking on Directory you will see the options to create folders or upload files.
directory 01
We will start by creating a new folder. Click on New Folder button and you will be transferred to a new page where you set some info about your new folder. These info are:
  1. Published Select if this folder will be published or not
  2. Name Insert a name for this folder
  3. Description Insert a description that will help you understand what this folder contains
  4. Privacy Set who will be able to view this folder. Default setting is Private
 After you have set everything, click on Create Folder button and the folder is created. You will be redirected to your account's directory TAB, where you can see the new folder.
directory 02

directory 03You can edit the folder settings anytime you want, by moving the cursor at the upper right corner of it to display the folder options.
Edit You can modify your settings (name, description, privacy)
Unpublish You can unpublish the folder.

Delete You can delete your folder


How to upload and store your files in your folders

Our folder is ready to accept our files and what we have to do now is store our files in the folder we created. We click on New Upload button and we are transfered to a new page with title "New Upload". There we click on Click or Drag & Drop to Upload. Using the pop window, we select the file that we want to upload from our computer. When we complete the selection of our file or files, we see the following page:
directory 041. The type of file we are about to upload
2. The nema that we want to give to our file
3. The folder that we want to put our file in

4. The privacy settings for this file

When we finish we click on Save to store our file information and Done to save and return to our folder.

We can upload as many files as we want in each folder and we always have the option to delete, unpublish and Edit our file settings.

That is all about uploading and storing files in your account's directory.