General information about iShipNet MarketPlace...

The MarketPlace is an online service created by iShipNet, that offers to registered companies the ability of...

  • For Sellers: listing, promoting and selling their products to an enormous number of potential customers that are searching for products through the web.
  • For Buyers: easily finding what they are looking for, all gathered in one place, without spending time and money trying to find what they search for through the traditional ways (phone, e-mail, etc).

The idea behind iShipNet MarketPlace is simple:

Registered with iShipNet companies that sell tangible products, can apply online to become Vendors. Each Vendor has his own online Store inside iShipNet that has...

  • his own Store's Terms and conditions that govern the Store's relationship with the customers
  • his own payment methods that allow them get paid directly from customers
  • his own shipping methods and shipping fees setup environment
  • all the required tools to create and promote available for sale products

iShipNet provides the online environment and tools that allow the creation of store catalogs and product sales, but does not interfere with any of the steps of promoting, negotiating, ordering, paying and shipping products. Each Vendor is responsible for his own Store.

The Marketplace is a service of iShipNet Platform. To be able to use the platform's services you have to be registered as a company with iShipNet.

Who can use the MarketPlace to buy?

All registered companies!

Who can become a Vendor (seller)?

Companies that sell products in the physical Market. The categories of companies that exist inside iShipNet that are allowed to create their online store are...

  • Agents / Ports / Marinas / Logistics
  • Demo Yards / Traders
  • Other Brokers
  • Ship Chandlers / Supply Companies
  • Ship Spare Parts / Machinery Companies
In MarketPlace Menu items of "How to..." section you can only see the information that is related to your access rights. For example you can not see info about Menu items that are user by registered members or vendors.

Products list menu item loads the front page of Marketplace, where all listed products, of all Vendors appear. On this page you have filter functions that will help you limit the listed products according to your own criteria.

Infoermation about situations within the MarketPlace, like disputes, unpaid items, fake description of products etc.

iShipNet provides the technological equipment to companies that use them in their sole responsibility. Each vendor creates his online store, he is paid with his own payment methods, he ships products with his own shipping methods and is responsible for all the information provided for his products and all actions that take place inside his online store.

Each vendor's store has it's own terms and conditions that governs the relationship between buyer and seller and these terms and conditions is their contract. This contract is used like contracts in the physical market in case of any dispute.

iShipNet has nothing to do with all the above! Our role is only to provide a copy of the terms and conditions as they were at the date and time that the transaction took place.