iShipNet Marketplace service is accesible by iShipNet members only, either if these members have an active iShipnet subscription or if they do not. Your financial relationship to the iShipNet Marketplace includes two kinds of transactions. Fees and Commissions.

Fees are small amounts paid during the usage of the service and they depend on the transaction type.
Commissions are a percentage on the total value of a product's sale price and they are being paid after the sale by the seller.

Current fees and commissions are shown bellow:

Subscribed Members

  • Listing a product for sale: FREE
  • Bidding on iShipnet Marketplace: FREE
  • Sale commission: 1%

Not Subscribed Members

  • Listing a product for sale: FREE
  • Bidding on iShipnet Marketplace: FREE
  • Sale commission: 2%