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Fast accurate positioning Operates on the global Cospas Sarsat rescue system 24+ hour operational life
BIN  495,00 $
4 days, 09:33:20
This easy to don Thermal Protective Aid from Ocean Safety provides excellent insulation and protection against the cold. Constructed in aluminised polyester, this suit has heat sealed seams to provide protection down to a temperature of -30ºC. Fully
BIN  28,00 $
4 days, 09:28:21
Navigation lamp rear WHITE The Series 70M Double lens Navigation lights are applicable for all vessels ≥ 20 m in length.
BIN  520,00 $
2 days, 18:43:20
New Other
Loud button for instant Maximum volume boost Noise cancelling microphone Automatic volume adjustment Floats in the water
BIN  325,00 $
2 days, 09:28:20
6 X Pressure relief valves SPV, SPVF direct operated KRACHT SPVF 40A2F1H20S04
2.640,00 $
1 days, 10:53:20
Pressure Gauge Part Number: 100412432
BIN  24,00 $
The DS 307/302 is the all-rounder ("The Original") under the series switch. By the particular Robust construction, he is also at rough Environmental conditions extremely reliable. Its many variations allow it, him for a variety of tasks in almos
BIN  292,00 $
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