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Carlyle compressor Type 06E Carrier 06E A565600
3.960,00 $
15 days, 18:51:03
The submersible HX400IS intrinsically safe handheld VHF is built to withstand the day-in day-out punishment in hostile commercial environments
BIN  499,00 $
21 days, 11:55:05
stockless bower anchors type *SPEK* weighing 4890 kgs. incl crown-shackle
7.450,00 $
10 days, 10:56:03
Luboil Plate Cooler Alfa Laval M15 BFM
9.990,00 $
16 days, 09:41:03
Volvo Penta 162G Bosch Injection pump 6 Cylinder Injection pump for marine engines Type: VOLVO PENTA 162G
2.500,00 $
3 days, 09:31:03
FELCOM250 and FELCOM500 are FURUNO’s new Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, which delivers ship-to-shore/ ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 432 kbps together with voice communication all at the same time by utilising the latest generation
14.800,00 $
19 days, 23:55:03
New Other
4 Connecting rod for MAN B&W 23/30H
3.850,00 $
13 days, 21:26:03
The Carlyle 5H compressor is ideal when it comes to cooling, industrial processes for refrigeration, low temperature, food storage and many other commercial and industrial applications.
4.800,00 $
16 days, 10:11:03
JRC’s new JMA-9100 ARPA radar series integrates the latest leading technologies and represents a significant step change in terms of reliable performance and cost-effectiveness, making it one of the most advanced radar products available today.
25.500,00 $
6 days, 23:25:02
New Other
The filter displays of the FMU series are suitable for a large number of Parker filters and also suitable for filters of the competition. Max.
BIN  225,00 $
6 days, 20:45:03
Cylinder liner MaK M43 Caterpillar M43 engine
6.850,00 $
8 days, 16:51:03
Parker Dension PHP Serial Hydraulic Pump PHP 3RIA 9A2
3.595,00 $
12 days, 12:56:03
Seller refurbished
SAM Electronics NG3028 X-Band Transmitter Marine Radar NG3028 G007
1.255,00 $
16 days, 11:06:04
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
BIN  1.059,00 $
10 days, 09:50:03
Screw pump Blohm & Voss BV-2,5
2.050,00 $
9 days, 07:41:03
New Other
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