Furuno Felcom 500 Inmarsat FleetBroadband System

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FELCOM250 and FELCOM500 are FURUNO’s new Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, which delivers ship-to-shore/ ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 432 kbps together with voice communication all at the same time by utilising the latest generation Inmarsat I-4 satellites.

FleetBroadband offers the data communication services with both shared bandwidth (Standard IP of up to 432 kbps) and dedicated data rate (Streaming IP of up to 256 kbps). On top of that, the users can make use of ISDN data service* as well as FAX communication.

FELCOM250 and FELCOM500 will bring cost-effective broadband communication onboard the vessels for a variety of needs, for both operational and social purposes, including calling their friends and family back home while at sea.

* available only for FELCOM500

Features of FELCOM250/FELCOM500
A wide variety of maritime broadband communication services available.
Simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data communications.
Global coverage provided through three Inmarsat-4 satellites.(except for polar regions)
IP handset and IP-PBX incorporated.
Multiple IP handsets can be incorporated into the network by using the switching hub.
Wireless IP phones can be utilized.(wireless LAN access points required)
No dedicated software required for configuration setup.(web server function incorporated)
Simplified installation through a compact antenna unit with a diameter of around 60 cm, weighing around 20kg.(FELCOM500)
Communication Unit supporting all major communication systems carrying ports to facilitate plug-and-play system integration.
Built-in NAT router facilitates smooth network integration to the Internet.
Incoming indicators available.(optional supply)

FB-2000 Communication Unit
RS-232C 9pin D-Sub female connector for ISDN UDI/RDI.
NMEA in/out Phoenix 5pin (NMEA 0183 Ver.2) for navigation equipment.
Alarm output Phoenix 3pin for alarm equipment.
For power supply.
For Antenna Unit.(Antenna cable length selectable 30m or 50m)
LAN RJ45 ports for IP handsets, PC/network equipment, telephone hub.
Telephone RJ11 for telephones and facsimile.
Telephone Phoenix 4pin for telephones and facsimile.
USIM card slot.

System Overview of FleetBroadband
FleetBroadband coverage
I4 satellite F1 PAC-W 143.5E: Covering Oceania, Western Pacific and South and East Asia.
I4 satellite F2 IND-W 25E: Covering Western Asia, Africa and Eastern Atlantic.
I4 satellite F3 PAC-E 98W: Covering Western Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Americas.

Crystal clear voice telephony
4 kbps cost-effective, landline quality speech available.
Supports one circuit switched service at any one time.
Simultaneous use together with data communications.

High stability in communication links achieves constant network availability even under harsh environmental conditions.

Supports additional core voice and ISDN data capabilities for integration with legacy applications.
ISDN compatibility available on FELCOM500.

SMS (up to 160 characters) and voice mail.

System Configuration
With its simultaneous voice and data capability, FELCOM250 and FELCOM500 can support an extensive range of user applications. All tasks can be conducted all at the same time through a single terminal. N.B., Certain network devices must be arranged locally, in order for you to make use of some of the applications.
Social communication and increased welfare for crewmembers.
Crewmembers are now able to make private phone calls or send SMS using their SIM card to their friends and families back home. They can also browse the web to read news from home, football results or any other news of their interests.

Educational opportunities for crewmembers using distance learning.
Using their off-duty time in a more productive manner has become very popular amongst navigators. VSAT allows crewmembers to attend off-campus distance learning courses through IP applications such as.

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