Leutert MSI-3 Peak Pressure Indicator

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Leutert MSI-3 Peak Pressure Indicator

The Leutert Peak Pressure Engine Indicator MSI-3 measures and displays the maximum gas pressure of each cylinder in a Diesel engine. This pressure is subject to rapid change while the engine is running.
Accessoriers and all necessary tools are included.

Leutert Engine Indicators are used on diesel engines, gas engines, air compressors, pumps, etc. The Peak Pressure Indicator MSI-3 serves for indicating the maximum value of rapidly varying gas pressures. The instrument is hallmarked by simple operation and a high degree of instrumental precision in all speed ranges. Its sturdy design makes it immune to vibrations requiring extremely low maintenance.
Instruction manuals are provided in english only.

Measuring ranges: 0 to 160 bar, 0 to 250 bar, 0 to 300 bar
Standard connection: W 27 x 1/10"
Engine range: up to 2,500 rpm
Error margin: ± 1.6 %
Dimensions 210 mm x 155 mm x 60 mm

Downloads ba_msi3_a4_en_web
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