futures market report


MBIOI-62%       86.26     API2: 49.40         Crude: 53.27            Rotterdam 380:    282.00       Singapore 380:   309.50   

In short...


A strong day on Cape on the back of rising iron prices and the belief the market may have bottomed. Q2 traded up to $11,100, Q3 $16,700, Q4 $17,800 and Cal21 $13,600. The market has made its move now and we await to see if the physical will follow.

Atlantic futures minus                  Front Haul futures minus                     Pacific futures minus


A strong day of buying on the Panamax paper with the whole curve trading in volume: March traded to $7,300; April to $9,250; Q2 to $9,850; Q3 to $10.900 and Cal 21 traded at $9,750. Once again the premiums for paper over spot seem happy to stretch themselves further.


Atlantic futures minus                  Front Haul futures minus                     Pacific futures minus

Supramax / Handy

Smx FFA pushed up today driven by buybacks, and Feb traded $5700 (+$295), Mar $7100 (+171), and Q2 $9150 (+$170). Q34 traded $10300 and $10325 (+$211), while, the C21 printed $9500 (+$93).

Atlantic futures minus                  Front Haul futures minus                     Pacific futures minus

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