futures market report


MBIOI-62%   78.33       API2: 48.20       Crude: 54.45       Rotterdam 380:  284.00       Singapore 380:  320.75

In short...


A very uneventful day with tight ranges on cape, Q2 traded lower on open to $10,600 but found some support and closed at $10,850 value, the cal 21 has again held firm with $13,000 and $13,100 printing, the case remains the same, physical weak but everyone expecting a spike again, so we continue to have huge premiums along the curve.

Atlantic futures minus                  Front Haul futures minus                     Pacific futures minus


Panamax paper closed the day in positive territory with Feb trading back to $4,500; March to $6,850 and Q2 to $9,000. A stronger afternoon of buying interest also moved the Cal 21 Panamax to $9,700. The question now is whether or not the gains can be consolidated and if there is further upside from here against the continuingly negative spot market.

Atlantic futures plus                  Front Haul futures plus                     Pacific futures plus

Supramax/ Handy

Smx market spiked today with the main reason being buybacks coupled with small bits of period interest on the physical. Feb traded from $6050 up to $6300 (+ $421), Mar traded from $7050 to $7600 (+$443). Furthermore, Q2 spiked up to $9000 (+$278), and, Q34 printed $10250 (+$253).

Atlantic futures plus                  Front Haul futures plus                     Pacific futures plus

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