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FAQs from iShipNet Users

I can not find the Recruitments tab in my account
The recruitments tab is available only if...
  1. You have registered as a Company.
  2. You have registered as a Person that is employed at the office of a Company.
 You are not able to create recruitment announcements if you are unemployed or if you are employed working on board.  
iShipNet does not reply to my inquiries for products or services. Why?
iShipNet is a platform where registered companies and individuals from all over the world, can use to share their inquiries or offers with others related to Maritime Industry.

In no case iShipNet...
  • represents any registered company or individual.
  • is an intermediate between any registered user and you (more than providing to both of you the tools to communicate).
  • is using iShipNet as a registered user to buy or sell anything.
Here is iShipNet's role:
  • You register with iShipNet.
  • Once your account is confirmed, aprooved and activated, you can share your inquiries/offers with other registered users (according to your desired privacy options).
  • Get replies from users that can get you covered on your inquiry, or reply to other user's if you can cover their demands.
Here is iShipNet's offer:
  • Register and start using iShipNet FOR FREE.
That is all about finding products or services in iShipNet. There are many other functions that do not need to be listed on this FAQs topic, as they are not related with the subject.
I can not post a chartering job on the Timeline. Is this a site bug?
No it is not a bug!

This is how iShipNet is programmed to work.

According to the details you provided during registration, you have, or do not have certain abilities.

For example...

if you registered as an Individual (Person) and you are unemployed now, you are not able to share anything else than your interest to find a job, or your personal opinions regarding shipping industry issues (no matter if you have a great experience as a broker). Currently you are unemployed and whateve you shere in the Timeline is seen by other users that want to get in contact with... i) a legal entity (Company) or ii) an individual user that is employed by and represents a Company in iShipNet.

Regarding the mentioned "chartering" job, you would be able to share it if...
  • you have registered with iShipNet as a Company (that has chartering in it's business fields like... Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, Charterers / Traders etc).
  • you have registered with iShipNet as a Person (that is employed by a Company has chartering in it's business fields like... Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, Charterers / Traders etc)
So... any business post (inquiry or offer) shared by unemployed individuals are not allowed.
I reply to the mails i receive about orders but i never get any answer... why?
When an iShipnet member posts a new order on iShipNet Timeline, all the other related business category members receive a mail notification.

This is a NOTIFICATION to let you know that there is a new post that you might want to know about!

If you want to reply to this post, you have to login and reply through iShipNet platform.

If you reply to the notification mail, then you reply to nobody.
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