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iShipNet for Individuals

iShipNet for Companies

In brief...

A must have tool for companies & maritime individual professionals in…

  • Ship Owning / Management

    Control your company or department and do direct business by saving time and money.

  • Charterers / Traders

    Find ships for your needs without long lasting searches, at the best terms.

  • Ship Broking

    Stop the never-ending running after business and let business run after you.

  • Spare Parts / Machinery Equipment

    Be notified for any quote related to your products from all arround the world.

  • Peripheral shipping Professionals

    Do not ever lose a request again! Let it show directly on your monitor screen.

  • Ship Building / Repair & Demo Yards

    Bring your Services right in front of those who need them, but could not find you.

  • Recruiting and Crew Agency

    The optimum tool for seamen, contractors, onboard staff and crew Agents.

  • Authorities / Ports / Organizations

    Save time on your daily jobs with authorities and organizations worldwide.

  • Agency / Insurance / Law

    Expand your clientele and your contacts the easiest way for your daily business.