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General Info about iShipNet

What is iShipNet?

International Shipping Network (iShipNet) is a GLOBAL UNIFIED MARITIME ECOSYSTEM where Companies & Professionals from ALL OVER the WORLD can "Post" their business inquiries (Chartering, S&P, Spare Parts, Chandling etc) to a continuously growing number of companies & Individuals related to Shipping and get replies, in a very short time, from all parties that will view the inquiry and are able to meet the demand, reducing the long lasting and costly daily searching for services or products in the global market.

The aim of this network is to offer the simplification of processes required in maritime related professions, through a wide range of built in tools, that were created according to maritime professional categories.
Furthermore iShipNet offers the environment, that allows Shipping related companies & professionals to know about the existence and create business connections with potential clients and providers that was not easy to be accomplished otherwise. Of course all Shipping related companies & indoviduals have their own clientele and their network of providers. The Shipping Industry was not created yesterday! The platform though, remains a very useful tool. No matter what the clientele's size is or what contracts may exist with providers, the question remains...

"Can it be done better, faster and cheaper?”

Simplifying the process of approaching new markets, communicating directly with the potential customers or suppliers and integration of the global shipping market is no longer a scenario of science fiction.
It is iShipNet.

Do i need any special skills to use "iShipNet"?

iShipNet platform was developed to be as user friendly as possible. Actually there is no need for any special skills. Just the basic knowledge of using your computer.

Benefits? How will iShipNet help me?

iShipNet platform, among the other offered benefits, has been designed to solve 3 huge problems that Maritime related companies & professionals deal with:

  • Difficult and costly approximation between parties.
  • Absence of Specialized modern tools that allow better and cost-effective communication.
  • A large number of intermediates, that lead to high level commissions.

With iShipNet you may...

  • Have faster and direct contact with Companies & professionals in shipping.
  • Have Instant information from other members, regarding the market, practices and other issues.
  • Have the chance to receive the best services from companies & individuals you didn't even know existed.
  • Introduce yourself and your business.
  • Direct dialogue by commenting, send/receive PM.
  • Find jobs or hire personel through iShipNet's recruitment system.
  • Have your daily needed documents uploaded in your account.
How can i be sure about the reliability of the system?

All the companies and individual professionals registered with iShipNet are evaluated before the account is created. Access to the system is given after the evaluation of the accuracy of info and details provided by the registering candidate.

If we are not able to certify your company, your position and your activities, you will be asked to provide your company profile and or background, or further details may be requested by the platform in order to become verified for the accuracy of your skills, job and position.

So... you can be sure that:

  • The registered with iShipnet platform companies & individuals exist!
  • The registered with iShipnet platform companies & individuals, are those who they claim to be!
Sounds good, but can you explain in details what the benefits are?

We can not describe in details what the benefits might be for you or your company. We are not able to know how the iShipNet platform will be used by you! We do not claim that the iShipNet platform is going to boost your or your company's activities from the first day that you start using it! But we are convinced that it can be a money making machine if you manage to join it, as a toolbox, to your daily operation.


let us try to describe the iShipNet's functions, so that you can have a full picture of the platform.

Business Communication that allows the development of human relationships
We have created our platform having in mind human relationships! For Maritime companies & Individuals professionals that target the global market, personal relations might become the way to success. iShipNet platform offers all the new technology features, that you have probably met on huge social networks, that has been proved that can bring people closer, even if the distance between them is huge.

Real time inquiries
Each company and or individual has the ability to share an enquiry, targeted to specific business categories, specific companies or individuals and this inquiry will immediately appear on their timeline. We have created forms for the following types of inquiries so far, such as...

Real time approximation
As mentioned before on Real time inquiries, the inquiries show right away on your timeline. Here is your chance to be a part of your global market! Use the communication options offered on iShipNet platform to reply, send your offer, ask for more details or whatever you want. You are the one to decide who to contact with. The days that you were waiting till someone reaches you have passed.

You will be notified in real time for any new reply, PM message or comment addressed to you so that you will not miss it. The platform of iShipNet is here 24/7 for you!

All the actions that can take place on iShipNet platform, are governed by your own privacy selections. You are always able to choose who you share your documents, posts or files with, on a "by post decision" basis. The "by post decision" privacy settings, temporarily (only for the certain post) bypasses your default account's privacy settings.

Storing space for each account
Option to store all documents or files that you or your company needs to have available, inside the directories that you create for your account. This way you will be able to have your documents available everywhere from any device for your daily bussines.

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