world seas ship chandlers

world seas ship chandlers

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world seas ship chandlers
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WORLD SEAS SHIP CHANDLERS (WSSC) we firmly believe that ship-stores must be a trusted partnership between us and our customers. With an invaluable wealth of ship-stores experience and knowledge, the company always aims to achieve the highest standard in service to all our customers.

Key reasons that make WORLD SEAS SHIP CHANDLERS a unique Ship and Marine Chandler to deal with.

· Dedicated one-stop supplier to the marine and offshore industry

· Supply to 100% of Arabian Gulf Ports

· Complete range of stores and services

· Logistics-service tailored to each customs requirement

· Marine spares service worldwide

WORLD SEAS SHIP CHANDLERS is a global provider of marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services to the shipping and offshore industry. With our global service offering our customers benefit from economies of scale, purchasing advantages and efficient logistics - combined with local expertise and service. We have operations in all ports in the Gulf Region and offer logistical service, storage and handling services to all our clients. Ship Chandlers manufactures and supplies a complete range of quality marine equipment.
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