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ZEABORN Ship Management

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ZEABORN Ship Management
Ship Owners / Managers
Ship Managing, Ship Owning
Zeaborn Ship Management is a globally acting dedicated ship manager offering a comprehensive and state-of-the-art ship management product portfolio with particular focus on performance, efficiency, digitisation and advanced customer care. We proactively manage a fleet of about 135 vessels focusing on containerships, bulk carriers of all sizes, as well as multipurpose vessels and tankers. We put our dedicated shipping expertise at the service of our customers. Zeaborn Ship Management combines the traditions of E.R. Schiffahrt and Rickmers Shipmanagement with a modern spirit.

Our service approach takes the perspective of a shipowner: We put as much emphasis on maintaining the value of each ship as on its efficient operation, applying our customers’ preferred key performance indicators (KPI). Whether you are a charterer or owner, our services are driven by your needs.

We know that collaborating closely and communicating with you at eye-level are essential prerequisites for long-term success and partnership. By entrusting your vessels to us you benefit from valuable insights and transparent best-practice sharing.

Our workforce of roughly 4,300 land-based and seafaring employees will deliver solutions custom-tailored to your requirements. From designing and planning newbuildings through to efficiency-enhancing measures and focused crew training, our lines of business cover the full range of services for every ship’s lifecycle. In short: We care.

Our Mission
With innovative strength and professional performance based on trustful partnerships we aim to invigorate our customer’s business and to mutually develop excellent results ahead of competition.

Our Vision
We believe in inspiration and creativity as a source of innovative customer-centric solutions and excellent performance. With our highly motivated team we aim to proactively shape the ever-changing future of our industry in a sustainable way. While taking responsibility for the environment we will deliver focused services of highest quality and value for our customers.
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