GNMTC [Ops Dpt]

GNMTC [Ops Dpt]

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GNMTC [Ops Dpt]
Ship Owners / Managers
Ship Owning
Our mission
GNMTC is directed to the benefit of the Libyan economy and to ensure high standard of ships’ operation and maintenance for the purpose of promoting the safety of life, property and the environment, and to promote the local public education in marine industry and safety.

Our vision:
Is to become a preferable choice for clients within the fields of our activities.

Our values:
• Commitment
• Integrity
• Trustworthy

Through ensuring extreme care to apply the commercial basics and values with high quality, we seek to be at the highest level of excellence in providing services with the latest operating methods of marine fleets in accordance with the international quality and safety standards, which will facilitate us to establish productive working relationships with all partners, and the basis of work should be the sincerity, trust and perfection.

Strategic Objectives:
• to be an international provider of the marine transport services which cares to enhance the safety of life, property and the environment.
• to facilitate the provision of training to the Company’s personnel a shore and onboard.
• to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills where needed to provide the best service and value to our customers.

In order to support the strategic objectives, measurable quality objectives are set by each business function.

Our motto:
• Complete trust
• High quality
• Safety

Are the basics of our success …
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