Carlyle 5 H 60 Compressor

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The Carlyle 5H compressor is ideal when it comes to cooling, industrial processes for refrigeration, low temperature, food storage and many other commercial and industrial applications.

Compatible with the modern refrigerants used today including R-22, R-134a, R-404A and R -507.

Detailed information is available as PDF.

Number of cylinders: 6
Flow: 2973 m³ / h, RPM: 138.4
Max Speed ​​(RPM): 1750
Power consumption: 22.4 to 55.9 KW
Displacement: 54.2 l / s

        Length: 800mm
        Width: 692mm
        Height: 757mm

       belt drive
       Length: 1451mm
       Width: 864mm
       Height: 968mm

       direct drive
       Length: 1476mm
       Width: 692mm
       Height: 994mm

Downloads 5h60-a
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