MAN NA 40S Turbine Rotor

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Turbine Rotor MAN B&W NA 40 S

For engine outputs from 1,650 to 24,500 kW per turbocharger

Turbine rotor dismantled , diagnosed and completed again ,
Connect according to manufacturer's instructions dynamically balanced , incl . balancing protocol .
Suitable for heavy fuel, diesel oil, biofuel and gas operation. Axial flow turbine.
Lubricated by the engines lube oil system.
Easy maintenance.

Fits to:

MAN Motoren              MAN Schiffsmotor Turbolader         MAN NA 40 S
MAN Motoren              MAN Turbolader NA 40 S               NA 40 S
TURBOLADER            Turbolader für Schiffsmotoren          MAN NA 40 S

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