SAM Electronics DEBEG RT5022

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SAM Electronics DEBEG RT5022
Thrane & Thrane RT5022

Technical Data:

DSC functions and less used settings are shown on a graphical LCD display wich can reset to speel mode after a short while when DSC or settings are not being used. Even when used, an effective dimming function can reduce the red background light of the LCD display and the light on the 7-segment display. Reflections from bright light or sunshine have also been significantly reduced with an anti-reflection filter.

With easy to scroll menus, carefully organized and designed similar to the most populare mobile phones, the VHF unit DEBEG RT5022 have been made extremely user-friendly. In addition to an intuitive and easy to use menu, each menue line has a numer wich can be used for quick selection. As world first, a new “Reply” function was implemented to enable the repetition of received voice information at the push of a button.
Designation: Thrane & Thrane RT5022

Channels: All International, US and Inland Waterway channels. Up to 30 private channels in 3 separate banks designated F,P or L. Each banks contains 10 private channels.
Channel spacing: 25 kHz / 12.5 kHz
Operation modes: Simplex/Semi-duplex
Modulation: G3EJN for telephony G2B for DSC
Temperature range: -15 C to +55 C
Supply voltage: 12V to 24 VDC nominal, (10.8V to 31.2 VDC)


Sensitivity for 20 dB: 121 dBm or 0,20 uV p.d.
AF rated power output: Internat LS 5W External LS 5 W
Distortion: 5%
S/N ratio: >43 dB
Spurious emissions: 0,25 uW
Spurious response rejection: >74 dB
Intermodulation response: >73 dB
Co-Channel selectivity: >74 dB
Blocking level: >99 dBuV


Transceiver Unit: 100 X 200 X 210 mm Weight 3,6 kg

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