futures market report


MBIOI-62%       81.29     API2: 47.50         Crude: 50.52            Rotterdam 380:    268.50       Singapore 380:   279.25

In short...


A very thin day on Cape. The market still seems to drift lower, but with no movement on physical and coronavirus fears across the globe. The outlook remains very negative in the short term, March traded down at $4,000 and Q3 at $15,500. Let's see what tomorrow brings in a very dull Cape market.

Atlantic futures minus                  Front Haul futures minus                     Pacific futures minus


Panamax paper started the week softer with offers gathering pace after a fairly unconvincing index (+85): March traded to $7,500; April to $9,000; $9,500 and Q234 to $10,150. The longer-dated futures remained relatively passive with quotes on C21 and C22 relatively thin.

Atlantic futures plus                  Front Haul futures plus                     Pacific futures plus

Supramax/ Handy

Smx FFAs ticked down today with Q2 printing $9,250 (-$32), Q34 $10k (-$111) and $10,050, and Q234 strip at $9,750 (-$84) several times. Furthermore, the Cal 21 traded $9,600 and was reoffered.

Atlantic futures plus                  Front Haul futures plus                     Pacific futures plus

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