futures market report


MBIOI-62%      80.64      API2: 51.00      Crude: 53.96      Rotterdam 380:  295.00      Singapore 380:  321.75

In short...


The Cape market working in mysterious ways today as the index once again shaved off further value falling $481 to $3,015, whilst the sellers appeared to thin out on the derivative; March trended between $6,600 and $7,000, Q2 printed multiple times at $11k (+300), Q3 was paid to $16,500 and the deferred cals made further gains with the 22 paid at $13,600 (+500) at the close. It's difficult to see these premiums over spot maintaining during the next two weeks, with cyclones applying pressure to the Pac market and the army of ballasters for C3 unrelenting.

Atlantic futures minus                  Front Haul futures minus                     Pacific futures minus


The Panamax paper traded up today as buying interest swept down the curve with most of the front contracts making considerable gains: Feb traded to$4,700; March to $7,400; April to $9,100; Q2 to $9,700; Q34 to $10,600 and Cal 21 to $9,750. With ever-growing premiums to the spot market paper traders will now look for justification from the physical.

Atlantic futures plus                  Front Haul futures plus                     Pacific futures plus

Supramax/ Handy

Smx FFAs pushed today with Feb trading up to $6400 (+$204), Mar up to $7550 (+$271), Apr $8950. Q34 traded $10300 (, and Cal 21 printed $9400.

Atlantic futures plus                  Front Haul futures plus                     Pacific futures plus

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