indices and fixtures report



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DRY INDEX            728  (- 29)
CAPESIZE INDEX      (Available after login) 
PANAMAX INDEX       (Available after login) 
SUPRAMAX INDEX     (Available after login) 
HANDYSIZE INDEX     (Available after login) 


BCI 5TCavg $/day (Available after login)
BPI82 - TCA $/day (Available after login)
BSITCAvg $/day (Available after login)
7TC $/day (Available after login)



(Names and ammounts are available after login...)

'(Available after login) ' 2010 177775 dwt dely Kaohsiung prompt trip via Pacific round redel Singapore-Japan $(Available after login)  - (Available after login) 
'(Available after login) ' 2011 93201 dwt dely Lumut 21 Apr trip via Indonesia redel Taiwan intention coal $(Available after login)  - (Available after login) 
'(Available after login) ' 2011 80677 dwt dely Rotterdam 22/25 Apr trip via Murmansk & Turkey redel Passero intention coal $(Available after login)  - (Available after login)  - <17/4 fixture>
'(Available after login) ' 2012 56810 dwt dely EC India prompt trip redel Arabian Gulf $(Available after login)  - (Available after login) 



'(Available after login) ' 2016 81117 dwt dely Ulsan 28 Apr 1 year redel worldwide approx. $(Available after login)  - (Available after login) 



(Names and ammounts are available after login...)


'(Available after login) ' 2019 170000/10 Seven Islands /Qingdao 06/12 May $(Available after login)  fio 60000shinc/30000shinc - (Available after login) - <20/4 fixture, FIXED & FAILED>
'(Available after login) ' 2012 170000/10 Port Hedland/Qingdao 07/09 May $(Available after login)  fio 80000shinc/30000shinc - (Available after login)



'(Available after login) ' 140000/10 Vostochny/Kwangyang 01/05 May $(Available after login)  fio 25000shinc/22500shinc - (Available after login)  (tender)
'(Available after login) ' 75000/10 Hay Point/Visakhapatnam 01/10 May $(Available after login)  fio 35000sshex/20000sshex - (Available after login) 



'(Available after login) ' Nordic relet 2012 59000/10 bauxite Kamsar/San Ciprian 25/30 Apr approx $(Available after login)  fio 24000shinc/15000shinc - (Available after login)  - <recent>
'(Available after login) ' 40000/10 urea Sur Oman/Adani Tuna WC India 22/24 Apr $(Available after login)  fio 12000shinc/10000sshex - (Available after login)